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The Benefits of Blending Face-to-Face Therapy with Online Sessions

After two years of lockdowns and various COVID-19 restrictions, many people are returning to face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy in Palmers Green and the wider North London area as the world begins to open up again. Yet for some, online therapy, which really developed during the dark days of the pandemic, remains the best option. For others still, combining face-to-face therapy with online sessions, offers the best answer.

You may be unsure about whether in-person psychotherapy or online sessions are more suitable for your needs, but the two approaches are not mutually exclusive and indeed can be combined. At the North London Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre we are seeing that many clients are choosing a blended or hybrid approach, using a mix of face-to-face and online therapy to meet their own particular needs. Whilst some prefer face-to-face appointments and others opt for online, a blended approach has many benefits; making your life easier and, by extension, making counselling and psychotherapy more accessible. 

For clients working full-time from home or in offices far from North London, or with other responsibilities including childcare arrangements, it may be logistically impossible to travel to and from the appointment and, equally, to build travel time into the working day. For clients in this situation, online sessions work perfectly. Yet sometimes, if there’s a day off or a change to the schedule, clients can opt for a blended approach, with an occasional face-to-face appointment.

For other clients, for a number of reasons, the home life situation may make it difficult to sit in front of a screen and be sure of total privacy and comfort. Others in the house, an unreliable internet connection or neighbourhood noise may all make it difficult to fully engage in an ongoing psychotherapy session. For these clients, face-to-face therapy is the most suitable choice. But again here, occasionally convenience and other demands may mean the client cannot travel to the session and can make suitable arrangements at home for an online appointment.

We also see that, following so much time being forced to remain indoors, not engaging with the public, some clients are not ready to visit a new place and have a face-to-face conversation about challenging problems and issues. Whether trauma, depression, anxiety or loss, it can be overwhelming to visit a new place and you may only feel capable to receive counselling and psychotherapy online, from the comfort of your room, whilst for others, face-to-face sessions are really welcomed.

Because of the pandemic, online therapy has certainly grown, because we just didn’t have the choice. And whilst previously, online therapy was for those clients who travelled regularly or were based mainly overseas, now all of my clients have experienced it. For some, the choice is to remain online because it fits in with their lifestyle, whilst for others they welcome the return to the therapy room and face-to-face appointments. But for many, a blended approach, fitting in with needs and circumstances that may change on a weekly or even daily basis, provides the perfect solution. Importantly this means that psychotherapy is much more accessible for everyone.

If you are looking for psychotherapy in Palmers Green, North London, or online, feel free to get in touch and we will set up a way of working that suits you.