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Feeling Anxious About the Coming of Spring? You’re Not Alone

Ahead of the clocks going forward and the arrival of spring weather, there is a great deal of expectation on people to go out and make the most of these longer, warmer evenings. Furthermore, following two consecutive summers of various lockdown restrictions, the prospect of the first ‘normal’ summer since 2019 has created a real pressure to go out, socialise, and try new things.

As a psychotherapist in Palmers Green, North London, and online, I have seen first-hand that many people are struggling with the prospect. Even before lockdown, there was always an uptick in clients speaking about their anxiety and unhelpful thinking patterns in anticipation of this particular time of year. The idea of everyone going out and feeling like you should do the same is deeply stressful for some. Many people see it as a ‘wonderful’ time, with the birds chirping and flowers blooming once again, but many find it seriously hard.

For people living with anxiety and/or depression, the combination of lockdown restrictions and winter weather created something of a safety net. Nobody else was going outside, nor was there any pressure to do so, which made it much easier to hide away from the world. Everyone else, after all, was doing the same. It gave us the perfect excuse to hide away and not feel bad about doing so.

Now, however, with spring upon us, the landscape is different. You might have friends who are extremely excited about ‘going out’ and pressuring you to come with them to all sorts of places. You might be beating yourself up about not being able to feel the same excitement. You might just feel generally anxious at the idea of more activity in the streets and parks around where you live. Even if you can’t see them, you can somehow feel them – the great mass of people out and about and cutting loose. Many emotions are associated with this period; it is a particularly hard time for those struggling with their mental health.

And so, as we embark on this spring period, it is important to remember to put yourself first – to not always give into the pressure. Remember to not beat yourself up about not wanting to go out, as there are so many others who feel the same way. Do what makes you feel good inside, not what you are expected to do.

If you are facing difficulties ahead of this spring period and feel like you could benefit from psychotherapy in Palmers Green, North London, or online, please get in touch to ask any questions you might have and arrange your first session.