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Why Holidays Can Be Challenging For Mental Health
With summer season upon us, now’s the time when holidays and mini-breaks reach their peak. Yet for many of us this often presents the perfect opportunity for anxiety to make itself known. As an existential-phenomenological psychotherapist working in North London, I often find that clients report having their first panic attack or experience severe anxiety […]
OUR NEWS : Jo Parkinson Joins TNLPC to Begin Low Cost Therapy Service
We’re committed to making counselling and psychotherapy more accessible in North London and beyond through affordable low-cost sessions, which is why we began our new Low Cost Therapy Service a few months ago when Jo Parkinson joined us in our Centre in Palmers Green, N13. Our Low Cost Therapy Service is delivered by therapists-in-training. These […]
Rites of Passage and The Art of Letting Go
“But where will you stay?” “Who’s going?” “Are they reliable?” If any of this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Because hot on the heels of exam season – or sometimes in the middle of it – usually come the many discussions about post-exam plans. Often these plans really are viewed as rites of passage, handed […]
Exam Anxiety and the Importance of Plan B
With exam season upon us, managing anxiety seems to be at the forefront for many, whether you’re the one taking the exams or you’re supporting the student. For the GCSEs the exams are a long haul, often with a week’s break in the middle, when you’re trying to keep the momentum and the motivation going. […]
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