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OUR NEWS: Annie Fabulet Joins the Low-Cost Therapy Team
We’re delighted to announce that Annie Fabulet is joining The North London Psychotherapy Centre to offer low-cost therapy sessions both face-to-face at our Centre in Palmers Green, N13 and online. Annie Fabulet gained a BSc in Psychology before completing a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology. She also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Stress and […]
INFORMATION: Dealing with Panic Attacks
A panic attack is a more severe symptom – and feeling – of anxiety. It can be sudden and intense and, whilst not dangerous, it can be frightening. As well as intense feelings of anxiety, panic attacks can be accompanied by physical symptoms including breathlessness, a dry mouth, nausea, sweating, dizziness and a quickening heartbeat. […]
OUR NEWS: Sarah Sivasundaram Joins TNLPC Low-Cost Therapy Service
We’re pleased to announce that Sarah Sivasundaram has joined The North London Psychotherapy Centre in Palmers Green, N13, allowing us to increase the number of appointments we can offer through our Low-Cost Therapy Service Our Low-Cost Therapy Service was introduced earlier this year to make counselling and psychotherapy more accessible in North London and beyond […]
Why Holidays Can Be Challenging For Mental Health
With summer season upon us, now’s the time when holidays and mini-breaks reach their peak. Yet for many of us this often presents the perfect opportunity for anxiety to make itself known. As an existential-phenomenological psychotherapist working in North London, I often find that clients report having their first panic attack or experience severe anxiety […]